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"High mileage" is about the daily commutes, each little errand and every road trip. Seeing the odometer’s numbers rise is a point of pride. With some extra care and the right motor oil, you can enjoy a lot more worry-free miles on the road. Mobil™ motor oils are specially formulated for the task – helping to keep your engine running strong – so you can get more miles out of your car.

15K miles of protection. 1 high mileage vehicle.

We unleashed our most powerful high mileage protection in a used car. See the test results of Mobil 1™ Extended Performance High Mileage motor oil.

The lifeblood of high mileage engines.

Discover Mobil 1™ Extended Performance High Mileage, the only high mileage motor oil that delivers 15,000 miles of protection between oil changes.

The 500,000-Mile Challenge

We put one of the best-selling cars in America through an extreme test. See what the engine looked like after 500,000 miles.

Motor oils for many miles

High mileage vehicles – those with more than 75,000 miles – have unique needs. Learn about motor oils for high mileage engines.

More than a million km

See a video about a Mercedes that’s run for more than a million kilometers with Mobil 1™ motor oil in its engine.

Maintaining your high mileage car

Learn ways to keep your high mileage car on the road and running like a youngster.
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