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Motor oils play an important role in keeping your car’s engine running. Oil affects engine life, maintenance schedules, fuel economy and more, so it’s important to make the right motor oil decision for your car.

But don’t let motor oils overwhelm or confuse you. They really aren’t that mysterious. With some basic information in mind, you can keep your car running smoothly for a long time.

Learning about motor oil starts with a few basics: viscosity, grades, specifications and formulations to name a few. Start here and get up to speed on motor oil in very little time.

Synthetic or conventional?

What’s the difference between synthetic and conventional motor oils? Find out about synthetic vs. conventional oils.

Types of synthetic oil

Did you know that not all synthetic oils perform the same? Discover the differences and which is right for your car.

Motor oils for many miles

High mileage vehicles – those with more than 75,000 miles – have unique needs. Learn about motor oils for high mileage engines.

Motor oil and fuel economy

Find out how motor oil affects fuel economy, how it works within your engine’s mechanisms and more.

Motor oil labels demystified

Find out what the numbers, letters, seals and other information on motor oil bottle labels mean.

How oil filters work

What do oil filters do? How do you find the right filter? Learn all about oil filters.
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