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Are you a seasoned grease monkey who likes to get dirty? Or maybe you only trust yourself to do the best work on your engine. Either way, you’ve come to the right place for do-it-yourself car advice.

Find ways to save on car repair costs with our DIY cost savings tips. Learn how to troubleshoot common concerns, how to prep your car for winter and more.

When it comes to hands-on car tips and advice, we have you covered – hands down.

Wheel bearing replacement

Your car’s wheel bearings can wear out over time. Learn how to replace them.

Brake pad replacement

Noisy brakes? Get step-by-step instructions on how you can help fix the problem.

Garage safety tips

Follow a few simple precautions to help prevent accidents and injuries in your garage.

Engine misfiring?

Find out how to troubleshoot and repair this common issue.

Head gasket basics

Seal the deal: Learn the essentials about head gaskets and how to replace them.

Fixing torn car seats

Torn seats might not need full reupholstery. Here’s help for fixing cracked vinyl and leather car seats.

DIY cost savers

Discover which expensive car repairs you can do yourself. Check out these top DIY cost savers.

Bleeding power steering

Find out how to bleed a power steering system, check power steering fluid levels and more.

How to do it yourself archive

Need DIY car care help? Explore the how to do it yourself area of our car maintenance archives.

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