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Maintaining your car is essential for keeping it on the road. For those who don’t spend a lot of time under the hood, car maintenance can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Our basic car maintenance tips can help you keep your car running in peak condition – even if you’re new to the garage.

Check out our tire maintenance tips or windshield repair advice or why you need to keep up with your vehicle maintenance. Discover tips and advice to help you take better care of your car so it can take better care of you.

Info on air filters

Air filters help to keep your engine safe and your cabin air clean. Learn more about these essential vehicle components.

Five do’s and don’ts of car washing

Have you been washing your car properly? Learn five do’s and don’ts of car washing.

Addressing issues with your A/C

If your car’s air conditioning is blowing hot air, then learn how to recharge your A/C system.

Cleaning car wheels

Keep your wheels in top shape with these great DIY tips and a little elbow grease.

Detailing your car

Dirty wheels? Dusty air vents? This eight-step guide will help you whip your car into shape.

Repairing paint scratches

You can help bring your car’s finish back to a lustrous, scratch-free shine with these DIY tips.

Take the car care quiz

See if you can you tell the difference between automotive fact and fiction.

Proper car battery care

It’s easy to keep your car battery in top shape with these four DIY tips.

When rust attacks

You need a plan to keep your car in top shape. Stop corrosion from ruining your ride with these helpful tips.

Manual transmission care

Rough shifting? Clutch slipping? Learn how to pinpoint the problem.

Get more horsepower

Discover quick, easy and safe ways to increase your engine’s power and improve performance.

Different types of oil filters and how they work

Oil filters play a critical role in protecting your engine from harmful contaminants. Learn more about how they work.

Top five misconceptions about tires

Tire truths or myths? Find out the top five misconceptions about tires.

Windshield repair or replacement

Does your windshield need to be repaired or replaced? Learn facts about windshield repair and replacement.

How to buy the right car battery

Find out how to choose the right car battery – even before you need a new one.

Decipher engine sensors

Find out what different engine sensors do – and what they mean for your car.
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